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18 April 2018

This week we have seven swimmers representing Tawa Swimming Club at the National Age Group Championships in Auckland. They are Matthew Cooper, Katie Helm, Cerys Lewis, Gavin Moon, Lachlan Mudie, Elisia Wong and Max Wong.  Congratulations to all qualifiers, and good luck to those swimmers competing this week.

Finalists: Elisia Wong (6th 50 Breast; 6th 100 Breast; 4th 200 Breast); Matthew Cooper (9th 50 Breast; 5th 100 Breast; 7th 200 Breast); Gavin Moon (10th 50 Free; 4th 50 Fly); Cerys Lewis (10th 50 Back); Lachlan Mudie.

Medals as follows:

Name Gold  Silver Bronze    
Katie Helm              200m Fly 1
Max Wong     800m Zonal Freestyle Relay 1
Gavin Moon     100m Fly 1

21 March 2018

The last four days have seen a number of our swimmers competing at the National Division II competition held in Rotorua.  Congratulations to Hannah Craven, Tyler Florance, Clara Gianos, Aaron Keegan, Justin Leung, Lily-Anne Meyler, Angus Mudie, Phoebe Riddle, Amy Teekman and Brenna Winter.

Finalists were: Angus Mudie, Tyler Florance, Justin Leung, Brenna Winter and Clara Gianos.

Medals as follows:

Name Gold  Silver Bronze    
Angus Mudie               50 Back 1
Clara Gianos     200m Breast 1

Congratulations to all swimmers, and thanks to Coach Jason, and Team Managers Kim and Suzanne.

11 March 2018

Congratulations to our swimmers at PCA Division III yesterday. We had 8 medallists achieving 22 medals. Great work :) 

Fourth to seventh placegetters as follows: 

Sophie Ewens (7th, 50Breast: 6th, 200IM: 5th 50Fly), Albert Valera (6th, 50Breast: ), Anuha Som (4th, 50Breast), Sienna Leilua (7th, 200IM: 6th 100Back: 6th, 100Free: 6th, 50Back), Lucas Dowdell (7th, 50Free), Tara Swamy (5th, 50Free), Anna Comeskey (7th, 50Free), Lily Thomason (7th, 50Free: 4th 50Back), Hannah Campbell (5th, 50Fly), Bianca Yeldon (4th, 50Back)

Medal table.


Name Gold            Silver Bronze    
Cooper Presling    50Breast                  200IM
Hannah Campbell 100Fly 200IM   2
Anuha Som   200IM
Anna Comeskey   50 Breast  200IM 2

Annika Yeldon   100Back
50 Breast 4
Albert Valera     50Free
Tara Swamy     100Back
Lily Thomason     100Back

16 February 2

This weekend the 2018 New Zealand Junior Festival is happening.  Around the country, Junior Festival meets are being held in Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington and Dunedin.  In Wellington it is the "All Stars" division (which includes the top of the South Island).  This is for swimmers aged 12 and Under.  Competing are Hannah Campbell, Anna Comeskey, Naomi Cooper, Aidan Eastwood, Anoushka Ganesan, Charlotte Gibbs, Miriam, Kirby, Sienna Leilua, Ollie Robinson, Tara Swamy, Amy Teekman, Briana Trewern, Isaac Tua, Nathan Wong, Annika Yeldon and Bianca Yeldon. Medals to date are noted below.  Good luck to all swimmers who are competing over the weekend:

Name Gold            Silver Bronze    
Charlotte Gibbs                         100Fly 1
Ollie Robinson     200Free 1

Top 10 Finishes: Charlotte Gibbs, Hannah Campbell, Naomi Cooper, Nathan Wong, Miriam Kirby, Amy Teekman and Ollie Robinson.

20 January 2018

Congratulations to those swimmers who are competing at the Swim Wellington LC Champs, 13 & Over, this anniversary weekend.  The team consists of: Jaimie Balmer, Matthew Cooper, Hannah Craven, Sarah Downs, Tyler Florance, Clara Gianos, Olivia Healey, Katie Helm, Aaron Keegan, Joshua Keegan, Justin Leung, Cerys Lewis, Gavin Moon, Chelsea Parker, Amy Teekman, Danika Viskovic, Elisia Wong and Max Wong.  Medals to date are as follows:

Name Gold            Silver Bronze    
Olivia Healey      200Fly 50 Fly
200Back 4
Katie Helm 200Fly 100Fly   2
Matthew Cooper   100Breast 
Elisia Wong   200Breast


Max Wong     200Free 1
Gavin Moon      100Fly 1
Chelsea Parker        200Fly 1

Top 10 Finishes: Max Wong, Tyler Florance, Cerys Lewis, Olivia Healey, Chelsea Parker, Matthew Cooper, Gavin Moon, Joshua Keegan, Elisia Wong, Danika Viskovic, Aaron Keegan, Katie Helm, Sarah Downs, Justin Leung, Jaimie Balmer, Clara Gianos

Well done to all swimmers, and thanks to all parents/officials.

19 January 2018

Happy New Year! Well done to all the seniors who worked really hard at their Swim Camp 3-8 January and thank you to Coach Jason and the parents who organised this camp.

Good luck to the team of 19 swimmers competing this weekend in Wellington at Swimming Wellington Summer Championships. This year the competition has been changed and is limited to 13&Overs (and under 13s who can swim the 13 year old qualifying times), hence the smaller team size (44 last year). 

The whole club is back swimming from Monday 5 February. 

12 December 2017

Congratulations to Joel Crampton, who has won a Silver medal at the Victorian Age Championships in Australia.  In his first day of competing, Joel came second in the 200m Fly event, with a time of 2:13.28.  Well done to Joel.

11 December 2017

Congratulations to our Junior medallists, who competed at the regional Junior Championships in Wellington 9-10 December. They were:

Name Gold Silver Bronze  
Angus Mudie 50Back 100Back  100IM 3
Neve Dunlop   50 Free
100 IM
Charlotte Gibbs   200Fly 100Fly 2
Cooper Presling   200Breast   1
Amy Teekman   50Fly   1
Sienna Leilua     200IM
Nathan Wong     100Breast 1


Top 10 Finishes: Ollie Robinson; Angus Mudie; Sienna Leilua; Sophie Ewens; Charlotte Gibbs ; Nathan Wong; Hannah Campbell; Neve Dunlop; Amy Teekman; Naomi Cooper; Isaac Tua; Miriam Kirby; Briana Trewern; Cooper Presling.

Well done to all our swimmers including those who are competing in their first regional championships!

On another level, one of our senior swimmers, Joel Crampton, is competing from 10-15 December at the Victorian Age Championships, travelling to Australia with other Wellingtonians selected through the Wellington City Council Talent Identification programme.  Earlier this year, you may have seen the OHAU wine fundraising intiative, which was to assist these swimmers with reducing their costs to participate. This is the event these swimmers were building to.  Best wishes to you Joel. We wish you every success.  

6 December 2017

Best wishes to our Swimming Wellington Junior Championships team competing at the inaugural Junior Championships this coming weekend in Wellington. Our team is: Nathan Butchard, Hannah Campbell, Anna Comeskey, Naomi Cooper, Neve Dunlop, Aidan Eastwood, Sophie Ewens, Charlotte Gibbs, Miriam Kirby, Sienna Leilua, Matthew Manalili, Angus Mudie, Cooper Presling, Ollie Robinson, Holly Smith, Tara Swamy, Amy Teekman, Briana Trewern, Isaac Tua, Nathan Wong, Annika Yeldon.

Good luck team Tawa!

11 October 2017

Well done to the six swimmers who went to the NZ Short Course Championships in Auckland during the term break.  Congratulations to Jenna Rolston-Larking, who set two new Wellington Records for Event 30 100 Fly (13 years) 1.04.88 and Event 37 200 Fly (13 years)  2.21.21.   Jenna placed 1st in 200 Fly, 3rd in 100 Fly and 3rd in 50 Fly.  Well done to Joel Crampton and Katie Helm, achieving 100% Personal Best times. Katie placed 4th in Fly (15 years), Elisia Wong placed 4th in 50 Back (15 years), Joel placed 5th in 200 Fly (15 years), Matthew Cooper placed 6th in 200 Breast (13 years), and Olivia Healey placed 7th in 50 Fly (15 years). Every swimmer achieved a top 10 placing for their age. We are very proud of your achievements.  

19 September 2017

Good luck to Jenna Rolston-Larking, who this Thursday is leaving to represent NZ at the Australian State Teams Short Course Champs which take place 22-24 September in Canberra as part of the National Development team.

Jenna also set a new Wellington record recently, on 13 August, for 100m Fly 13 year old girls. Jenna is an amazing hardworker and we wish her the best in Australia later this week!  

Well done to the 3 Tawa teens who represented their colleges in the Waikato last weekend at the NZ Secondary School Swimming Championships. Sarah Downs placed 10th in 15 year old in 200 Back, Brenna Winter placed 10th in Girls 13 year old 50 Breast, and Jenna Rolston-Larking placed 1st in Girls 13 year old 200 and 100 Fly, 2nd in 200 IM, 3rd in 50 Breast and 8th in 50 Free.

Good luck to Matthew Cooper, Jenna Rolston-Larking, Katie Helm, Olivia Healey, Joel Crampton and Elisia Wong, heading to the NZ Short Course Championships in the first week of October in Auckland! 

17 September 2017

Please find Club newsletters for July, August and September (1) and (2) here.  There is no swimming during the upcoming school holidays. Enjoy your break, and good luck to the Tawa swimmers going to New Zealand Short Course Championships in Auckland.

10 September 2017

We are into our last day of two weekends of SW Winter Championships. Thanks to coaches Jason McPhee and Cliff Roberts for their support of swimmers at this meet.  

Meet Mobile results after Session 6 (unofficial):


Name Gold Silver Bronze  
Olivia Healey 100 Back
200 IM
200 Fly
50 Fly
100 Free
50 Back
50 Free
200 Free
100 Fly
Jenna Rolston-Larking 200 Fly
100 Fly
200 IM
50 Fly
100 Free
200 Free
50 Free
100 IM
400 Free
100 Breast
200 Breast
Danika Viskovic 50 Back 100 Back 50 Free 3
Charlotte Gibbs 100 Fly  200 Fly
50 Fly
Elisia Wong   50 Breast
100 Breast
200 IM 4
Matthew Cooper   50 Breast
100 Breast
200 Breast 3
Lachlan Mudie   100 Back 50 Fly
100 Fly
Sarah Downs   400 Free   1
Katie Helm   100 Fly   1
Cooper Presling     200 Breast 1
Clara Gianos     200 Breast 1
Tyler Florance     400 IM 1
Gavin Moon     100 Fly 1
  7 23 14 44


4-10th place finishes: Charlotte Gibbs, Naomi Cooper, Jenna Rolston-Larking, Brenna Winter, Clara Gianos, Danika Viskovic, Sarah Downs, Abby Collier, Matthew Cooper, Lachlan Mudie, Max Wong, Joshua Keegan, Phoebe Riddle, Elisia Wong, Cooper Presling, Angus Mudie, Gavin Moon, Tyler Florance, Briana Trewern, Aaron Keegan, Sienna Leilua, Ollie Robinson, Nathan Wong, Justin Leung, Katie Helm, Lily-Anne Meyler, Jaimie Balmer

29 July 2017

Annual prizegiving is Sunday 6 August, 3pm, Amesbury School Hall. Please bring a plate. Come and celebrate all your hardwork across the past 12 months! We welcome WCC Councillor for Northern Ward Jill Day to Club Prizegiving this year.     

10 July 2017

Our hearts go out to long time Tawa Swimming Club supporter Murray Trott's family following the sad news of his passing on Saturday 8 July. A service is to be held at 1pm on Wednesday 12 July at Mana Cruising Club.

7 June 2017

Annual Club Championships is tomorrow from 3.15pm at Tawa Pool. With 90 swimmers registered, it should be a great Club event. 

Please see newsletters for recent news and information about the new financial year. 

June newsletters (2) and (1)

1 May 2017 

Note: There is no swimming on Saturday or Monday of Queen's Birthday weekend.

Wellington Relays, 20 May: Congratulations to our team, especially on medals as follows:





Girls 11&Under 4 x 50m Medley
Sienna Leilua, Naomi Cooper, Charlotte Gibbs, Miriam Kirby  



Boys 15&Under 4 x 50m Medley
Joel Crampton, Lachie Mudie, Joshua Keegan, Max Wong



Girls 15&Under 4 x 50m Medley
Danika Viskovic, Cerys Lewis, Chelsea Parker, Jenna Rolston-Larking



Boys 15&Under 4 x 50m Freestyle

Max Wong, Tyler Florance, Lachie Mudie, Joel Crampton



Girls 15&Under 4 x 50m Freestyle

Danika Viskovic, Chelsea Parker, Cerys Lewis, Jenna Rolston-Larking




Swimmers included the above named and: Joshua McPhee, Ollie Robinson, Philip Liu, Cooper Presling, Angus Mudie, Gavin Moon, Matthew Cooper, Aaron Keegan, Lucy Singer, Bethany Middleton, Elisia Wong, Abby Collier, Lily-Anne Meyler, Clara Gianos, Nathan Wong, Matilda Presling. 

16 May 2017

Congratulations and good luck to Club member and double Paralympic Gold Medallist Mary Fisher, finalist for Sportswoman of the Year and Disabled Sportsperson of the Year, and to former Club members Kurtis and Kayla Imrie, finalists for Emerging Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year respectively in the Sport Wellington Sportsperson of the Year Awards to be held on 14 June.

15 May 2017

Wishing our Wellington Relays team good luck for this Saturday. Our team comprises:

Cooper Presling, Ollie Robinson, Josh McPhee, Phillip Liu
Naomi Cooper, Charlotte Gibbs, Sienna Leilua, Miriam Kirby, Matilda Presling
Aaron Keegan, Matthew Cooper, Gavin Moon, Angus Mudie, Nathan Wong
Lucy Singer, Jenna Rolston-Larking, Brenna Winter, Bethany Middleton
Joshua Keegan, Lachlan Mudie, Joel Crampton, Max Wong, Tyler Florance
Danika Viskovic, Cerys Lewis, Jenna Rolston-Larking, Chelsea Parker, Elisia Wong, Jaimie Balmer, Abby Collier, Clara Gianos

25 April 2017

Congratulations to Jenna Rolston-Larking, selected to represent NZ as part of a 35-strong team in September at the Australian State Teams Age Short Course Championships

16 April 2017

Congratulations to Joel Crampton on his selection into the Wellington City Council Talent Identifcation (TiD) Programme for 2017! 

Swimming Wellington’s All Stars Development programme has been selected to be a part of the Wellington City Council Talent ID Programme which is administered by the Sport Wellington Performance Hub. This partnership allows athletes selected onto the programme to have access to High Performance Sport New Zealand resources. The All Stars Development programme is set to work towards developing athletes at a performance level in order to promote a smoother transition into the Power of Black and High Performance environment. The aim is to work with identified athletes on developing core foundation level skills required to train, compete, balancing study with training, family life and peer contact. The project is planned around developing the athlete’s ability out and in the water. [Information from Swimming Wellington website]

What a fantastic opportunity for Joel. Congratulations also to former Tawa Swimming Club member (now at Capital) Justin Roberts, also selected for the programme.

14 April 2017

Read our April newsletter here. The timetable through the school holidays/public holidays is included.

Below is the medal table from PCA Division III last weekend. Congratulations to our 10 medallists (29 medals), and everyone swimming PBs!

Name Gold Silver Bronze
Aaron Keegan 50 Free
50 Fly
50 Back 100 Free
Brenna Winter 200 IM
100 Free
50 Free 50 Breast
Hannah Craven 50 Breast 100 Back
50 Fly
50 Back
100 Free
 50 Free
Naomi Cooper

100 Breast

50 Breast
50 Free

50 Fly

Mikayla Davis   50 Back  
Nathan Wong   50 Breast  
Lucy Evans    

200 IM
100 Back
50 Fly
100 Free

Stanley Riddle    

50 Fly
100 Free
50 Back

Joel Florance    

50 Breast

Angus Mudie    

50 Back 

Bank account of paying subs, squad fees, meet entry fees etc is:
BNZ Tawa 02-0552-0046904-000
Account name - Tawa Swimming Club
Swimming NZ Regulations effective March 2017



Tawa Swimming Club is located in the suburb of Tawa, 15km from Wellington City.  Our aim is to promote, foster and encourage swimming.  We accept children from the age of five who can complete two lengths (50m) freestyle and two lengths backstroke and 1 length (25m) breaststroke.  Our emphasis is not only on teaching children to swim but introducing them to the competitive sport of swimming.  We do this through our monthly club time trials, and as children progress through the levels of the club they are given the opportunity to join our competitive squads.
If you are interested in club swimming for your child please contact our Club Captain.
If you are wanting to join our competitive squads (entry criteria apply) please contact our Head Coach