SW Relay Champs - 2020

Saturday 4th July 2020

Welcome back to racing: The SW 2020 Relay Champs.

The first meet back after lockdown was a huge success for all swimmers. We had a team of over 50 swimmers competing, ranging in age from 8 years old to 17 years old. There were a lot of nerves (from younger and older swimmers!) and a lot of fun, with great support shown from everyone. Thanks to John for coaching, and to Hannah for coaching and encouraging the younger, newer swimmers. Thanks also to our great TMs, Sandra, Kirsty and Michelle, who made sure everyone got to their races on time! As well, as usual thanks to our Officials who volunteer their time at these meets.

Well done to all our swimmers: Stevie Crawford, Zoe Tikao, Clare Geursen, Cooper Ketchen, Meghan Gibbs, Lucy Bunton, Shelby Crawford, Helen Brightwell, Kate Bushell, Lana Magee, Jessica Tikao, Ella Hanley, Abigail Leibbrandt, Jack McPhail, Ryan Bateson, Ronan Booth, Harrison Edwards, Roman Anderson, Isaac Tua, Lucas Commerford, Bianca Yeldon, Neve Dunlop, Lily Tankersley, Georgie Mudie, Alexia Booth, Paige Trewern, Bella Sheridan, Sophie Ewens, Sienna Leilua, Hunter Lloyd, Drew Bateson, Ollie Robinson, Zach Edwards, Charlotte Gibbs, Annika Yeldon, Amy Teekman, Mia Booth, Briana Trewern, Tara Swamy, Naomi Cooper, Mackenzie Chartrand, Hara Hughes, Benjamin Hong, Angus Mudie, Ruben Wright, Matthew Cooper, Gavin Moon, Bronson Lloyd, Ella Clarke, Caitlin Clarke.

Congratulations too, to the 15&U Girls (all aged 14) in the 4x50 Medley Relay, for getting a Wellington Record (2:02.95): Mia Booth (Backstroke); Amy Teekman (Breaststroke); Charlotte Gibbs (Butterfly); Annika Yeldon (Free).


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