SW Short Course Champs, 13&Overs

Saturday 25th August 2018

Well done to all our 13&Overs who have qualified for the Wellington Regional Short Course Championships to be held over two weekends in September. 13&Overs who have achieved qualifying times include: 

Girls: Mackenzie Chartrand, Caitlin Clarke, Ella Clarke, Anna Comeskey, Hannah Craven, Anoushka Ganesan, Katie Helm, Tamara Kelman, Tiffany Kenyon, Miriam Kirby, Cerys Lewis, Ava Li, Lily-Anne Meyler, Phoebe Riddle, Anuha Som, Lily Thomason, Danika Viskovic, Brenna Winter, Elisia Wong

Boys: Sebastian Conlon, Matthew Cooper, Tyler Florance, Justin Leung, Joseph Millmow, Hamish Monks Henderson, Gavin Moon, Angus Mudie, Lachlan Mudie, Stanley Riddle, Josh Thompson, Albert Valera, Nathan Wong, Ruben Wright 

Your coaches, parents and supporters look forward to seeing you swim at the Short Course Championships. Enter by 26 August, midnight.  

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