Prizegiving 2018

Saturday 29th September 2018

Enjoy the slideshow of Prizegiving 2018, at Amesbury School Hall on 26 August 2018.

Age Group                  Girls                             Boys
8 years & U                  Meghan Gibbs             Josh Schlagowski
9 years                         Matilda Presling           Ryan Novilla
10 years                       Neve Dunlop                Ollie Robinson
11 years                        Naomi Cooper             Cooper Presling
12 years                       Amy Teekman              Nathan Butchard and Albert Valera
13 years                       Phoebe Riddle             Gavin Moon
14 years                       Brenna Winter              Matthew Cooper
15 years                       Cerys Lewis                 Max Wong
16 years                       Katie Helm                   Lachlan Mudie
Family Relay                Riddle Family

Merit Awards – 2018 Awarded by coaches for a combination of attitude, improvement and attendance.
Bella Sheridan, Lana Magee, Meg Gibbs, Joshua Christian, Amy Lee Venter, Matthew Debreceney, Daniel Bakker, Lucious Pinto, Maxim Melnikov, Caelan Davidson, Georgie Mudie, Ryan Novilla, Isaac Tua, Sophie Ewens, Mackenzie Chartrand, Tamara Kelman, Miriam Kirby, Clara Gianos, Matthew Cooper

Benchmark Trophy – Fastest female 200 IM at Club Champs – Cerys Lewis
Barry Salisbury Trophy
– fastest male 200 IM at club champs – Max Wong
Lucas Trophy – fastest open 400 Free at club champs – Max Wong
Morris-Jenkins Trophy – fastest open 400 IM at club champs – Tyler Florance 
Walker Trophy – fastest female 800m free in past 12 months – Sarah Downs
Gould Family Trophy – highest female achiever aged 12&Under in past 12 months – Charlotte Gibbs
Sam Saili Memorial Trophy – highest male achiever at aged 12&Under in past 12 months – Angus Mudie
Radovanovich Family Trophy – highest female achiever at NZ Age Groups – Katie Helm
McCarthy Cup – highest male achiever at NZ Age Groups – Gavin Moon
Jack Plummer Trophy – fastest 50m freestyle in last 12 months by a Junior swimmer – Amy Teekman
Larsen Trophy for Swimmer Who achieved at the highest level in the last 12 months – Katie Helm
Roberts Family Cup - most Improved Senior Male for the year – Justin Leung 
Mervyn Kemp Trophy for services to Tawa Swimming Cub – Lisa Wong
Dunlop Trophy for Club Spirit – Alex Craven
Murray Trott Memorial Cup – Officials cup - Greg Cooper
Smart Family Trophy  – Leadership amongst the swimmers - Hannah Craven

Special thanks to Lewis Clareburt, Commonwealth Games medallist and Guest Speaker

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