Competitive Squads

Tawa Swimming Club runs training squads for swimmers who have progressed beyond 1 x 60-minute sessions per week.  The bulk of our squads are based around competitive swimming, however, we do have a dual pathway for teenagers with the establishment of a training group for Year 9 and up (College Swimfit), in which there is no expectation to compete. We also have an Adult Swimfit squad where adults can enjoy swimming in a squad environment with the benefit of a professional coach.

Other than College and Adult SwimFit, squads are primarily designed to coach swimmers for competition. Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many weekly training sessions as they can and in some cases, coaches will set minimum training expectations to retain a place in the squad.

Stroke Technique is always a focus and is fine-tuned at all squad levels as required. Swimmers are also trained in Race Technique (starts/turns/finishes etc) in the junior squads and these skills are also fine-tuned as appropriate throughout squad progression.

 All squads incur a Squad Coaching fee which is invoiced quarterly and is additional to the Club Annual Subscription Fee.

Entry to squads from Bronze upwards is by a selection process. Few swimmers currently enter the Club directly at these levels. To progress from Club Swimming to Squad swimming, Club coaches provide nominations to Club administrators in priority order. This can be done through observations from routine training, or through formal squad trials. 

Squads are generally reviewed on a quarterly basis. Squad progression is at the discretion of the Committee, following discussion with the relevant coaches.  Several factors are considered, these include, but are not limited to:

  • The age, maturity and ability of the swimmer to meet the expectations of the next squad level
  • The number of places available 

All swimmers progressing through the squads are required to complete an “Agreement to move into New Squad” form. This outlines and reaffirms the swimmer’s commitment to training and will be reviewed each quarter.

The club cannot operate without the assistance of parents in running the club. It is a requirement of parents/caregivers to support the club by being available for Timekeeping, Team Managing and other duties as required. The Club is also required to maintain a minimum number of Officials such as IOT’s and parents may be asked to train in this capacity.

If the Club cannot provide the minimum number of volunteers at each swim meet, we can be excluded from entering swim meets, or a meet may be deemed to not be an official meet due to the lack of a minimum number of officials. This means any time swum will not count towards goals. So your assistance is vital in the continuing success of your child and the club.

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